UOIT Course Scheduler

The UOIT Course Optimizer was created by students, for students, as a tool to identify the best possible timetable for each student's specific needs. Note that this schedule generation tool is not a service provided by UOIT, and it is not supported or maintained by anyone affiliated with the registrar, IT Services or other UOIT staff.

If you find this useful, or can think of ways to improve, send an email to scheduler@uoitphysics.ca.
Make sure you double-check the generated schedule to make sure it is correct, and that the CRNs match the courses you selected.


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Choose the courses you must take. See the UOIT Course Calendar if you can't remember what courses you must take.

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Schedule Preferences

Use the preferences below to customize your schedule. Preferences that appear higher on the list take priority (e.g. if you have chosen to avoid evenings and to maximize days off, you may end up with some evening classes in order to keep a day empty)

Preferred CRN(s):
If you really want us to include a specific CRN in your timetable (for example, maybe you really want a specific professor), type them in here, in order of preference. We'll try our best to put in as many as possible.
Choose your preferred campus. Some courses are offered at more than one campus, so use this option to attempt to keep all courses together at one campus.

Would you like us to try to give you a day off? (if we succeed, your other days will likely be very packed):
If you answered "Yes" above, do you prefer any specific days?:
Would you like us to try and avoid specific times of day? We will actively avoid scheduling classes during these periods (if possible).
Morning (8am-12pm)
Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Evening (5pm-10pm)

Would you like us to minimise gaps between classes? Some students prefer to have all of their classes condensed with fewer breaks in between classes. If this is you, enable this option. (Note that not enabling this option does not spread out classes)
No preference
Respect current registration numbers? By default, we will not include sections that are full. If you'd like to ignore current registration numbers and include (possibly) courses that are full, then choose "no".

Known caveats/concerns:
  • If a course has equivalent sections offered both in online-only format (no scheduled meeting times) and in-class format, we will always choose the in-class version.
  • The current registration numbers are updated approximately hourly (more frequently during peak periods) from the UOIT website. If a section has just recently filled up, it might make it through into your schedules, even if you've chosen to respect registration numbers.

This tool was created as a 'hack-week' project in 2015 by a group of Physics students and a computer science graduate student. To read more about the project, see the news article on the UOIT website: UOIT SCIENCE RESEARCHER ENCOURAGES STUDENTS TO EMBRACE SUMMER ‘HACK WEEK’.

There literally billions of possible schedules that a first-year student could choose, and it can be an overwhelming task to find a suitable schedule for your needs. Hopefully, this tool will make your university experience a little less stressful.